About this book

When combat android Omicron smashes in her door at 7am the last thing hacker Krys Vej expects is to be ordered to configure a ‚feelings upgrade‘. ,The manipulation of a battle android’s data is second on her not-to-do list, right after attending family reunions. But unfortunately Omicron knows a little bit too much about her past. And not-to-do lists don’t always hold water, even in 2062…

With each step a perceived half a tonne of artificial muscle and mechanics strides towards me. „It’s illegal,“ I reiterate a little squeakily. „I’ll get ten years in the catacombs if you get caught. At a minimum. And a combat android with an upgrade like that would stand out like a sore thumb, definitely.“
He bares his teeth. It’s hard to tell if it’s a smile or a threat.

A slightly different cyberpunk story – for those who go to family reunions with mixed feelings.


„… suspense and fun and at the same time food for thought. A real page turner… “

„… it tackles the difficult questions such as what does the human race gain from digitalization and in turn, how do we abuse it.  … a good and entertaining read.“